Monday, May 31, 2010

Prelude to a Cottage

Mutation Theatre Presents

Prelude to a Cottage

Written by Tim Wotherspoon
Performed by Katy Warner and Tim Wotherspoon

Outside Eye- Kirstin Von Bibra
Produced by Patrick McCarthy

"What was the name of that great civil libertarian who ate all those children?

Lombard DePaussant Fute. Strong Leader.

Everyone has peccadilloes.

They were his children..."

In a Brave New World of Has-to's, Caspi conscientiously buys the Department Water, eats the Department Porridge and works diligently for the Department Minister. To the outside world, Caspi is an upstanding citizen of the Department- not the sort to indulge in dangerous thought and wordplay...But at home, Caspi speaks with Lois; they sift through memories of history, revolution and the colonel. Such shameful and divergent interests must remain hidden. But hiding the truth is easier before someone notices it's missing.

Prelude to a Cottage is a dark, comedic exploration of control and microscopic freedoms attempting to summate. A poetic and acerbic battle of wits from one of Melbourne's most exciting young companies- Mutation Theatre (Habitat, The Corpse of Hamlet).

Performance Details
June 16th-26th, 2010
Wed-Sat 8pm

The Function Room
129a Smith St, Fitzroy (Enter through Cafe Coco)

Adult $20
Concession $15

Bookings: Phone- 0410 304 226

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