Tuesday, May 25, 2010

A Grave Decision

A Grave Decision is a work of astounding idiocy. Filled with bad puns and jokes that don't make sense, it's a cowardly attempt to justify comedy as real art- to turn jam into blood!

Around an open grave that isn't really a grave a bald man and his sidekick try to cover up an act of blatant murder, only to be distracted by their own tails. All unravels despite their best efforts- the victim is a an angry actress and they have to contend with a mysterious kiwi. If only Clive Owen were here...

A Grave Decision is a short play that was slapped together in two hours by writer Patrick McCarthy, and salvaged over a weekend by director Matt Scholten (If Theatre) and performed by Tim Wotherspoon, Katy Warner, James Tresise and Matt Epps at The Malthouse Theatre on Sunday the 23rd of May 2010.

Created and presented as part of the 2010 Melbourne Emerging Writers Festival's 48 Hour Play Generator.